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Growing Old Gracefully, a previous post, where I say to embrace age with grace, pick out the good bits, enjoy life! As we all know this is easier said than done, when we have these little 'niggly' things just 'Happening' to us, things we simply have no control over, things that creep up upon us like bad smells, And yes we can put on a brave face, smile, and pretend we're ok with it, but lets face it Ladies
                                                WE'RE NOT OK WITH IT!
Whats even more of a 'poke in the eye', is who came up with the name?
It's got to be a joke right? I used to think to myself, it cant be that bad surly, a few hot sweats, it must be fab not feeling the cold, always feeling warm....haha, well No its not fab!....
.Hot Flushes (women don't sweat, we perspire)
.Dry skin and Hair
.Sleep deprivation
.Joint stiffness
.Reduced Muscle Mass
...The list goes on and on and on

These are some of the joys of ageing gracefully! So what can we do about it? In truth absolutely nothing! Ok yes there are hundreds of remedies out there, the list is endless, and Ive probably tried most of the natural ones, Menoserene, Black cohosh, Flaxseed oil, evening Primrose, Natural fibres.
And the biggy....Hormone Replacement Therepy known as HrT, Something I personally feel very strong about, I really don't want to  pop another pill into my body to change what I feel is meant to happen to me, I'd love to hear your thoughts and if you are taking Hrt or are thinking about it?  Ive listened to and read various articles explaining...'it is safe to take HrT", 'Its Not safe to take HrT', Confused? well this is exactly why Im not taking it! A client recently said to me "its not that bad, its made me more bearable and able to cope", I came home and thought, surly If we talk, yes talk about our symptoms, to each other, be more open to other remedies, maybe we could together find ways to cope, not just popping a pill we know , not enough about.  I'm not saying hrt won't help some people, but wouldn't it be nice if we have a choice, and knew by discussing together with women going through the same feelings, and body changes, we may find other way of coping? So ladies here we are.........

 For me the hot flushes are Number 1... I wake up in the night, tossing and turning, moving my covers off my body, back on my body probably about a thousand times a night! Yes Im aloud a fan in the summer, but , during Autumn to Spring, subjecting hubby to high winds in the bedroom really isn't an option, Yes I sleep naked, Now you all know!
 Then theres whilst Im working, thankfully I have very understanding, accommodating clients, who know that when Blow drying , or using any heat appliance one must at all time have a window or door open! Turn off the heating....And I consume gallons of water, with a slice of Lemon and Lime, why thank you! And my Cuppa which as you all know I simply cant live without.
Then for me its my wonderful Snake like skin and Hair, I'm sure Im keeping Palmers Cocoa butter
afloat, And considering Im a hairdresser, Im still yet to find the perfect shampoo and conditioner, to tame my once luscious locks, you name it I've tried it, so any recommendations will be gratefully received.
Well,  I hesitate to continue with the next goody..........
Mood Swings.....Ahem....Me....No surly not! Well maybe a little! The problem is You really can NOT control these little critters, they literally sneak up upon you , then BANG!  you snap for no good reason, then I think WHY? did I just say that? I say a huge Thank You to my Hubby and daughter, currently residing with us, for rolling your eyes and not pointing this out! I know it happens, and hope that one day they fade away as quickly as they reared there little heads.
Another lovely for me is Anxiety, wonderful, it creeps up when you least expect it, I was driving along just the other day, when Booom...I felt anxious, my chest felt tight, my breathing strained, Why oh why, I was listening to my music, my mind was on driving, sun was shining! so I took stock, Breathed deeply ....turned up my music started singing along, And Voila it worked, so I can do this. Through certain changes I have made in my life recently, mindfulness being one, more relaxation through Pilates in a class,  or Yoga, I do from you tube at home, Some supplements which I mentioned earlier, And most important 'talking', explaining how you feel to loved ones, friends, because once you do, others will share honest!
Why oh why do we only discuss Menopause, or as my Daughter pointed out to me this morning, even periods, womenly changes throughout our lives, its happened for like 'EVER', yet still only with friends, or maybe on social sites, why can't it be discussed outwardly? why are we cloned to be taught that ...No don't talk about it , its not socially acceptable , I'm definitely not going to resolve that one, but maybe if by discussing it on a blog post or instagram, we can talk more openly about how we feel or how the Menopause makes us feel, we can reach out to women all over the world to discuss, and maybe help someone struggling, lets face it ladies, 'It's Bloody Hard' we joke about hot flushes,night sweats, gaining weight, joint stiffness etc etc. wouldn't it be lovely if it was more open, more "OUT THERE" lets do this ...Together! And TALK ABOUT THE MENOPAUSE. With a Cuppa of course!


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