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My Sisters Wedding Day

Simply WOW!
What an whirlwind weekend.... All those Months of organising, planning, searching and imagining come to this.........

The Perfect Wedding Day......

"It started with a glance and ended in I Do!"

My lovely Sis asked me last year to help them plan there Wedding, Of course I got a tad excited, Lists and more lists.
The beautiful venue Leeford Place set within the heart of East Sussex was ready for us girls when we arrived on Thursday afternoon, and of course the sun was shining as requested with Him upstairs.

Such a lovely way to start the weekend. We sat in the grounds painting our nails, drinking Pimms, chatting and laughing. The room was beautiful with huge windows overlooking the grounds where the wonderful pergola and bridge over the stream lay. we had a great Meal then went upstairs to have some fizz.  I really enjoyed my sister time such perfect memories for us to treasure. I took this time to give her my pressy which she loved...

At last Wedding Day is here!
we started off slow easing into the day with a full English, although the Bride to be wasn't as keen, I wonder why? then my organisation head kicked in " lets do this!" I did have a few moments of "come on bath, hair, make up," Sorry Sis!

When we were all looking gorgeous we made our way downstairs, quite funny really it was like mission impossible, creeping down, as some guests were still to make there way to Fairlight, so I was shouting "stop".."Go"... "run"... phew we made it to the garden for some piccies!

At Fairlight we were overwhelmed , it was stunning, the approach to the ceremony was lovely, Our Dad walked along side Julie  as we walked up to the song How long will I love you Eliie Goulding we were all emotional, I could feel My Mum watching over us, such a poignant moment for us.  Then to see our daughter Louise standing ready to perform the ceremony, simply Perfect.
Once they said "I Do"

The best man handed them a small box, which they opened for us all to see Butterfly's let go,

The Wedding breakfast was lovely, we all Laughed and chatted our way through the speeches and champers. Then during Tea a waiter, (all will become clear) simply toppled over, we were quite concerned about him, he apologised and said to the groom, "so sorry what can I do for you?"
to which Danny replied " Sing a song?", haha, the waiter promptly replied, " well as you mention it..."
And proceeded to pick up a mike and start singing, (See where I was going with this 😉)
I started to join in the sounds of "Thats Amore Dean Martin"....then it hit me , Mums song
well I was off...Happy Tears`!  He was fab had us all singing and dancing, even got us joining in the lyrics, a perfect surprise.

Its the little things, we were told to write any message on our name place notes then tie it to our balloon to then go outside and let them fly free... such a simple act but such a precious moment.

And let the Dancing commence....which was fabulous, to the point i'm still feeling the aftermath,
(I'm nearly 50 you know!)
We danced, chatted and drank till late and felt absolutely Wonderful.

I know we say it over and over, but It's so lovely to be able to create such Wonderful Memories for us all to cherish for many years to come, for us all here and for those we have lost and Love.
My Beautiful Sister told me "It was Perfect!" 💋

                                               Heres to the Bride & Groom, Julie & Daniel



This was my 'Before Capsule Wardrobe....'

I felt it was about time I let you all have an update on my Capsule wardrobe, its coming along just lovely.  I can honestly say I now wear 100% of my wardrobe....Its been such a learning curve for me, as I am sure it is for everyone embarking on this journey, sounds funny but it certainly is a journey, it makes you evaluate your lifestyle, as we grow older things change, what was ok to wear in your 20's we maybe shouldn't be wearing in our 50's.

It can be quite overwhelming knowing where to start, or as I found, you can kind of get stuck, at a point where you have decluttered, and minimalised but feel a little lost within the process,  This is the point where help is at hand, I had looked at various pintrest pictures, articles, read a book, litstened to podcasts, looked on instagram posts, but then I found an account that caught my eye, which I think is the best way of finding someone, someone who your feel maybe there style is similar, you love there look, concept and can relate to.
That someone for me was KRISTINA ...SANDINAVIAN STYLIST on Instagram, her photos were beautiful so simple, tranquil and serene. For me the perfect version of simplicity I aspire to within my own life, and my wardrobe.
I had an on line (FaceTime) consultation with Kristina. which I was quite nervous about, especially being an introvert, and finding new meetings quite daunting, She instantly made me feel relaxed and at ease, She explained how minimalism was a huge part of her life, and a capsule wardrobe was simply part of it, and how she has been a Stylist for years, helping people with there wardrobes, but also their Homes.  I certainly would love Kristina to pop over and help me style my new home.

She made everything so clear for me, explaining how to start by...

1. learning your body shape, well of course you may say, thats a given, but haven't we all looked at someone and thought 'no that doesn't look right', but it may look right on a different shape.   so everyone gets it wrong sometimes.
Then this is probably the hard bit, as we are all so very critical about our body, shape size, flaws and all.

2. Accentuate the good areas...for me its my legs, and bust, and anything you get complimented on, which is my hair.  So start High lighting these areas

When you have established these, look at piccies on pintrest, finding clothes that suit your shape,create a mood board.  For me I know I need V necks, whether its a jumper or T.shirt, dress etc.  But if your favourite jumper is a round neck don't despair, as Kristina says, simply pop on a long Necklace to create a 'V', Voila, no need to get rid of your fave!
Creating your style is so important, for me I love feminine pieces, with a touch of classic & slightly edgey.

3. Colour is important too, now on some accounts minimalists, capsule wardrobes are very nautral, black, white, grey and creams,  which is fabulous, but if like me your favourite colour is red, I think id be very upset with No Red in my wardrobe. but if you prefer nautrals thats great, as a way to colour pop is.... accessorise with scarfs, or even lipstick. Imagine a simple white shirt worn with black jeans, and simply add a lovely red lipstick...WOW! your look stunning!

4. Lifestyle... now this may be obvious but I bet a lot of you have a wardrobe full of clothes yo no longer wear, because your lifestyle has changed.  Years ago I worked in an office, and socialised a fair amount, so needed dresses, high heels, and suits.  Now i'm a freelance Hair stylist (All my work clothes have bleach and colour on them!) Im at home more, my days consist of Dog walks, blogging at home, taking photos out and about, And some hairdressing lol! Oh and maybe the odd social event, birthday meals, friends lunch. Hubby date night...mainly date Lunch tbh!
So my wardrobe needs to reflect this lifestyle. Its also great to do a 'Pie chart' as Kristina explained.
(yes that math lesson will come in handy) creating what percentage of your life does what....Home, working, leisure activities,and holidays.
From this you can work out what clothes you will need and when.

Image result for minimal capsule wardrobe quote5. She then suggests picking 8-12 items that you wear all the time, then add to them, maybe that favourite t.shirt then add it in a couple of different colours to wear with black skinny jeans.

Obviously once you have your basics, you will then have more to work with, Having a couple of staple pieces is helpful, find a nice handbag you love, and then maybe a tote shopper bag for everyday...which Im currently on the hunt for! And a few scarfs to add to your outfit. Personally Im not a costume jewellery kinda gal, so I stick with my statements pieces, my Tiffany necklace, and bracelets.

This is my latest edition ...I wanted a cotton shirt dress but I needed it to suit my shape, so with this lovely Liliana Dress From , with a cinched waist I can add a belt to enhance my perfect shape..Which leads me to say, a final great piece of advice, Buy less and choose well, in the words of Vivienne Westwood.
It has taught me that I no longer have to purchase cheap items, as I will be purchasing quality clothes that will last for years.

Finally, But not least Please Please Please make sure when you pop on that outfit, you feel 100% Amazing in it!

If you would like to discuss your Capsule wardrobe, please message me, we can have a cuppa and a chat xxx💋


Carry on Cruising

Firstly I would like to say my intention was to post  wonderful photos about our adventures on our british holiday on the Norfolk Broads, Oh what expectations we had, cruising along the river, cups of tea a plenty,with cake of course. A glass of prossecco in hand on the balmy evenings whilst moored up for the night, playing cards, laughing and Miss Darcy enjoying the view as we slowly cruise for the week.........Ahhhhhhh Bliss!

No, think our fate had other ideas...
When we arrived at Wroxham the sun just started to peer its head, so we started to have grand thoughts, then once unpacked , and the obligatory demonstration of how to actually drive your boat, Drive, maybe I mean Steer, and how to Moor up, and told no more than 5 mph we were ready to set sail, well maybe not sail! (see maybe this boating lark isn't for me, can't even get the jargon right)
Yes we were off, TALLY HO!

We started cruising along in 'Benmore 1' Bliss absolute Bliss, the water was calm as we mooched along taking in the amazing Houses along the river with there river drives and beautiful river views. then as we ventured a little further the waters opened up and became fields of Nature, along the banks were the river grasses, rushes and daffodils peeking around the corners. The sounds were wonderful, birds tweeting, grasses rustling in the breeze, and Glass like waters below.
the river was so calm you could see a mirror image of the trees. Apart from when another boat came past, then there was a gentle ripple, and our boat swayed slowly side to side. Perfect, so far I hear you say.  Yes, Yes it was lovely....

Then 'it' happened disaster struck, we decided the find a perfect mooring place for the night, it was just starting to become dusk, and you are not allowed to cruise in the dark so once we found our beautiful spot, and it was beautiful, then the fun starts, so My friends hubby Ron was the captain, steering and mooring up, Hubby was captains mate, which entails the ropes, there were two, one at the front and one at the back, so he ties the back one ...Voila! But, in the mean time my friend decides she would quite like to help, so literally Jumps, yes jumps, or should I say Sky dives, onto said bank, but in doing this she catches her foot on the rail, and 'Falls' onto the bank head first... 'Oh' I hear you say, so I could explain in great detail her accident, but to protect those involved I will skim over it, she basically Broke her leg, we spent the next two days in the harbour as my friend and hubby were at the hospital, But upon her return we voted to continue our adventure, (yes my friend voted in, we didn't 'make' her continue)

So we started again
Yes we are Off...Again, Tally Ho!
we cruised along the River Bure reaching as far as Oby  along the most beautiful Waters, this river spans a lovely 32 miles, with the most tranquil water and wonderful scenery, we decided to Moor for the evening, but this time left it to the Captain and Captains mate ... very sensible I hear you say!

And Wow words cannot say how amazingly beautiful the sunsets and sunrises are on the Broads, the colours are overwhelming, Vibrant Oranges, Reds, Purples, Blues and dusky Grey slowing melting into the water, such a natural Moment, One which we never tire of experiencing, or capturing.
The wildlife is plentiful, it made me wish I was more educated on our birds, the Swans with there cygnets were gliding gracefully , only making the tiniest ripple through the glowing sunset waters.

Hubby was loving pointing out the birds of prey sweeping across the banks to grab there latest find.
and, unfortunately I didn't manage to capture the graceful Owl we had perched not far from our bed for the night.

Yes at last it was as we imagined, albeit a tad chilly during the night, but armed with our trusty Thermals and blankets a plenty we managed to get some sleep.

For our homeward journey we cruised along to Upton with Fishley past a rather photo worthy windmill then onto the Icon Of The Broads St Benets Abbey a Monestry during Anglo Saxon times.
A welcomed walk through the ruins.

Would I venture on a Norfolk Broads Cruising holiday again?
Miss Darcy enjoyed it....So...
'Yes' but maybe during warmer months and communicate at the beginning, who's doing what!😊


Simplicity, AkA Minimalism & Why we need it in our lives

Living a Simple life  may not be to everyones taste, some may enjoy the fast pace of our era, the hectic lifestyle, with vasts amounts of Consumerism, the desire to have the latest Car, designer outfit, Shoes, handbags, huge House, expensive restaurants, flash holidays, I could go on and on and on....
PHEW! I'm exhausted now, need a cuppa to rest my mind!

I don't think I've ever been a high flyer wanting these things, well maybe a few, but was I simply trying to keep up with the fast pace, and joining in as I didn't know any different.
But Now I do know different, wether its my discovery since reading various Instagram posts, and looking at beautiful simplistic photos or my life change, I think deep down I've always wanted this simple life, I've always said, 'All I want is to be happy,' I've have come to realise objects, material possessions do not serve any purpose in creating this happiness.

Now for some people a certain amount of 'things' may bring happiness, but its about finding the true value of the said items, and not confusing them with instant gratification.  We have all been there, purchasing an item we thought we really desired, then once we have it, how quickly do we feel, almost disappointed that it hasn't had the desired effect. I believe it takes time to work this out.

I personally feel most relaxed and at peace when Im walking along the beach listening to the sound of the ocean.   I havn't got my house on the beach, but as far as I'm concerned we have our dream house by the river, and only a ten minute drive to the beach.

 To achieve this we as a couple have to make some changes, I have recently watched a documentary on Netflix called Tiny Houses I have said over and over to Hubby, I could really live in a tiny house! You know what they say about ,what you wish for!

No it won't be as Tiny as those, but we are downsizing, so the decluttering, and Minimalising goes hand in hand. As I sell, donate, or simply get rid of a lot of stuff, I'm getting a sense of 'letting go', Freeing, and Simplicity.

My Journey ..will it ever be completed, or is this lifestyle a constant journey?  Its Fabulous I actually said to hubby this morning,...
'wish I could sell everything and start again only choosing my essentials,'
 But I will simply have to be mindful, with what we have and keep what we actually use and brings value to our lives

I'm really excited about our next Life Journey, and where it will take us,  something I have learnt which I kinda knew but has become forefront in my awareness, is to be truly happy, it comes from within, we shouldn't use objects or possessions , or People, it's in us, its about finding your inner worth, peace and happy place!

And believe me once your there you will never look back!....have you found yours yet?
I would love to have a cuppa and a little talk with you....leave a comment and I'll reply...


TurtleBay Colchester Restaurant Review

I was invited to dine at the newly opened Turtlebay In Colchester, I'm a real 'Foodie', so I was a tad excited, especially as its Caribbean,  well It certainly didn't disappoint.

 Upon arrival we were greeted by a waiter who took us to our table, I had a fab view of the whole restaurant, with it authentic Caribbean bar area in the middle, with barstools, to watch the bar attendant shake your cocktails! And watch the world go by.

 Then alongside was an area with high tables and stools, if you want a light bite, maybe for lunch.  just behind the bar is the 'sparkly' area with lots of twinkly fairy lights, to create the perfect ambience.

With Rustic dark wood tables and low lighting it created a perfect Caribbean feel. I quickly became settled and started enjoying my surroundings...

 We were then presented with our Menus, which consisted of a food menu and a separate drinks menu.

 It was Happy hour (didn't plan that one honest!) so had the obligatory two for one cocktail, which being Caribbean had to be Rum based, we went for the
 Jumbled Julep - white rum, strawberry, mint and apple juice, which went down rather well, very refreshing with, i'd say a hint of Rum.

our Waiter was very knowledgable and chatty which I always love, he recommended his favourite dishes, for starters we went for

Jerk Pit Wings & Duck Rolls.....

when served they came in an authentic tin bowl, served with sour orange chutney, of course we had to share, and they were delicious, not too spicy or hot, just right for us. and just the right amount for a starter.

for Mains, well that was a tough one, I was torn between the Jerk Pit BBQ or the One Pots.  Well I'll simply have to go back again!😉
I decided on the Jerk BBQ And had the Jerk Chicken Breast, which was served with coconut rice 'n'peas,sour orange chutney,coconut shavings and Caribbean Slaw...

Hubby went for the Jerk Pit BBQ, Jerk Sirloin Steak, medium to well done, served with Caribbean Spinach, (which was amazing) spiced fries and sweet onion chutney, and a choice of Jerk sauce.
Apparently the steak was cooked to perfection, which is a huge praise coming from Hubby!

Now I'm a bit of a 'Pudding' fan so we just had to have one, even though we were both a bit full, but hey' theres always room for pud! the Pudding menu was shown.

For the Rum lovers out there theres a Whole side of different Rums and they are even graded for you, from Fabulous.. to Best...To Better...To Good. Phew I wouldn't be standing after that lot!

We decided on the Sticky Toffee Pudding for me, and the Rum and Raisin bread pudding both served with vanilla Ice cream..... well Yummy!

I tasted hubbys, well I had to.... it was delicious, so smooth and the consistency was simply perfect for bread and butter pud.

 My sticky toffee pudding with salted caramel sauce was melt in the mouth perfect.  we washed it down with a 'Mocktail' a passion fruit cooler, which was very refreshing.

Our Visit to TurtleBay was lovely, Its a family friendly restaurant with staff that are attentive, and know the menu, The ambience is lovely with soft lighting and low music.  Certainly an authentic Caribbean feel.  Yes we will be returning, hopefully soon, and a BIG Yes, I will be recommending to my Family, Friends and Clients.

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